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Klezmer far ale – movie

Klezmer far ale – Klezmer for Everyone

Master classes with Helmut Eisel and klezmer improvisations inspired by the works of Edward Grieg and Frederic Chopin.

Klezmer music is at the very heart of Yiddish culture.  Helmut Eisel, the great clarinetist who has been blending klezmer and classical music and jazz since the early 1990’s, conducted a professional workshop on klezmer improvisation in Wroclaw that ended with a concert at the White Stork Synagogue. Eisel also taught a one-day workshop during the Jewish Culture Festival in Trondheim, Norway and on 1 September performed at the Festival with Helmut Eisel&JEM playing “More than Klezmer.” A month later, at the beginning of October, he again taught his master class “Klezmer far ale” for musicians at the Norwegian Music Academy in Oslo and presented his concert “More than Klezmer” with the Helmut Eisel & JEM trio at the Academy’s Levin Music Hall.

5 września, 2013